Friday, October 7, 2011

Private Life of Steve Jobs

Mr & Mrs Paul and Clara Jobs, residents of Mountain View, California, adopted Steve Jobs. The family later adopted a daughter by the name of Patti. Job's biological father is a Syrian Muslim immigrant to the U.S, Abdulfattah John Jandali (a former political science professor and currently, the vice president of Boomtown Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada). Job's mother Joanne Simpson is of German and Swiss ancestry. Jobs later met his biological sister as an adult; Mona Simpson is a popular author. They have been close ever since. Jandali claimed that it wasn't his will to give Jobs up for adoption and that Joanne family was against her getting married to a Syrian.

Steve Jobs attended Cupertino Junior High and Homestead High School in Cupertino, California.

He worked at HP, as a student for a while, where he met Steve Wozniak. Jobs was a student at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, although he later dropped out because he found the courses boring. He had a tough time as a youngster sleeping on the floor in friends’ rooms and doing menial jobs such as returning Coke bottles for money and never missed weekly free meals at Hare Krishna temple.

In 1974, Jobs and Wozniak became members of Homebrew Computer Club. He later got a job as a technician at the video games manufacturer Atari were he saved up money for his spiritual journey to India. He came back to the States a Buddhist— shaved head and always wearing traditional Indian clothing.

Jobs went back to Atari and won the task of creating a circuit board for the game breakout. Atari promised $100 for every removed chip. Steve Jobs was able to convince Wozniak to work on the circuit board and to the surprise of Atari founder, Nolan Bushnell, Wozniak was able to eliminate an unbelievable 50 chips. Jobs wasn't straight forward as to how much Atari was willing to pay and instead gave Wozniak $350 instead of the $5000.

Steve Jobs is an egomaniac and a demanding person to work with. Although he earned only $1 a year as CEO of Apple, he is worth more than $8.3 billion.

Job is survived by a wife (who he married in March 18, 1991), Laurene Powell. The couple had three children from that marriage (a boy and two girls). Jobs had a daughter with a High school girlfriend. He denied the baby and swore he was sterile but eventually accepted his responsibility and paid for his daughter’s tuition to Harvard. She is now a magazine writer.