Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest Windows 7 Points

1. Apart from the AppLocker, BitLocker to Go, BrancheChe, support for HomeGroups, Better User Control Settings and a finer graphics, Windows 7 is simply an upgrade of Vista.

2. For users without Software Assurance SA, and did purchased a new PC without windows7 license, Microsoft plans to make them pay from $120 to $200 per personal computer for an upgrade license.

3. According to one report by Microsoft researchers, by 2013 third party support for windows XP may completely disappear. The company itself plan to end Windows XP's extended support phase by 2014.

4. While many people are not ready to deploy Windows 7 until the release of its service pack 1, Microsoft has repeatedly issue assurances that all problems will be fixed by regular updates and that there is no need to wait for service pack 1 which is due for mid 2010 before deploying the new OS.