Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tips for your iPod Touch

We enjoy our iPod Touch when there is battery power, when there are many files to choose from, and when the device is functioning smoothly. However, we could easily get carried away and store too many files without thinking of backing up the device. Or what about going out for a run and you didn't estimate right that the battery won't take you the entire distance. Below are some tips to help you enjoy your iPod Touch all the time.

Always check your iPod Touch battery Status.

It sounds simple enough to ask one to check the iPod battery status before going out on a leisure walk or anything of that nature. I cannot count the number of times I had to cut my running distance short just because my iPod Touch ran out of battery. When the battery is full, it turns green. It gets empty as you go and turns red when almost empty. However, don’t count on the color to know when to recharge the battery.

Often, one gets a warning when the battery power is just 20 percent. This is the right time to charge the iPod. Then there is another warning sign when the battery is just 10 percent – do not wait until this time. It is important to check the iPod Touch battery status before going out to the park or hitting the gym regularly. With USB cable, you can fully connect and charge your iPod Touch battery. Learn to connect your iPod Touch to your computer regularly.

It is important to connect your iPod Touch to your computer. Updating the software is easier and most preferable that way. That is not the only benefit. You need to connect your iPod Touch to your computer in order to backup files. Anything could happen to your iPod therefore it is important to backup files from your iPod Touch to your computer regularly. You can do that easily with the iTunes.

Although a song costs less than a dollar on Apple Store, a thousand or more songs means a whole lot of money. So, backing up your files today is a good idea.

You can also use a Wi-Fi network to backup information to iCloud. This is great and safe way to backup. You could backup those files to your iCloud account and retrieve them whenever you want. I prefer this method because it lets me access my files anywhere I go.